SMU adheres to the cultivation-oriented concept and fully devotes itself to the all-round development of graduates with social responsibility, spirit of innovation and practical ability. CUMT also promotes the reform of school education actively, which has lent itself to fruitful teaching results. Since its inception, CUMT has produced more than 200,000 graduates. Among these graduates, most have grown into the backbone of the construction and industry development of our country.

 Since 2002, CUMT has been awarded 5 National Prizes for Teaching Achievement, 3 National Prizes for Excellent Teaching Materials, 7 National Quality Courses, and 14National Characteristic Disciplines.CUMT has 3 national experimental teaching centers, and 1 national innovation pilot program. Since 2002, our students have won more than 2,700 awards in university students’ academic and science competitions on the provincial level and beyond. And 16 doctoral theses have been awarded the National Excellent 100 Doctoral Dissertation. In 2012, CUMT was awarded the title of “National Advanced Employment Unit”. At present, the university has about 40,000 students, including approximately 25,800 full-time undergraduates, about 9,000 postgraduate and doctoral candidates, about 130 overseas students, and 4,000 or so adult education students and trainees.

The International College’s study-abroad programs mainly adopt the mode of “domestic and foreign joint cultivation in different phases”. After meeting the requirements of this cultivation plan, students can acquire two diplomas at the same time under the credit transfer system. The Degree Education Programs for international students mainly adopt the way of studying along with Chinese students, while Chinese preparatory courses for Non-degree Education Program adopt the mode of “small-class teaching and intensive instructions”, and provide intensive Chinese learning guidance for students. The International College possesses a galaxy of Chinese and foreign teachers and management team with excellent qualities, profound professional competence as well as international vision.

Adhering to the educational concept of “high starting point, emphasis on characteristics, and internationalization” and the aim to cultivate advanced specialized talents with international vision and global competitiveness, the International College has been striving hard to develop itself into a significant base for high-level education, international talents cultivation and international education cooperation and exchange as well as an important carrier of Chinese and foreign cultural communication and exchanges in China University of Mining and Technology.