About James Cook University Singapore (JCU Singapore)

JCU Singapore campus established in 2003 and is fully owned by James Cook University Australia. Students who graduate from JCU Singapore will get the same global recognition as graduated from JCU Australia.

In 2015, JCU Singapore is the 1st institution received the Singapore Education Trust Certification Star Rating (Edu Trust Star), and obtain it again in 2019. This is the highest certification offered in this area.

JCU Singapore became the only private institution in Singapore to be recognised with “University status” in 2016, this allows the JCU Singapore campus to call itself a university.

Based on Sim Drive, the JCU Singapore campus is near to the newly built National Stadium and offers many student-friendly amenities. The university campus shifted to its current location due to the increase in student enrolment. In addition to this, the campus is easily accessible and is surrounded by a myriad of cafes and restaurants.

JCU Singapore is home to many notable alumni who have built great careers for themselves. This university has an alumni association, which makes efforts to stay connected with the alumni of this university. This association often organizes meaningful events and activities to maintain contacts and increase their involvement in the university. The Alumni engagement office of the university also sends out newsletters to the members to update them about the new developments. Alumni can avail of the benefits of free career counseling for up to one year of graduation.

Why Choose JCU Singapore?

fast track’ studies: unlike other Universities runs two main semester per year, JCU Singapore runs three trimesters per year. That means students can ‘fast track’ their studies and complete their degree in two years. 

For the Master program, a student can complete the Master of Business Administration course in one year (full-time bases).