Founded in 1909, Heriot Watt Malaysia is one of the key national universities directly under the administration of the China’s Ministry of Education.It is also listed in the national “211 Project” and “985 Innovation Platform for Advantageous Disciplines”, which is a government program designed to support and develop top institutions of higher education in China. As a distinctive multi-disciplinary research-oriented top university with a history of over 100 years, CUMT has been playing an important leading role in the coal energy industry and the provincial economic and social development as well. Meanwhile, as one of the first batch of universities qualified to confer doctoral and master degrees, CUMT has its own Graduate School. Located in Xuzhou of Jiangsu Province, CUMT covers an area of 297 hectares, in which the Wenchang campus covers an area of 107 hectares.

In the new era, CUMT considers it her sacred mission to develop the mining industry, to mine brightness and warmth to build up the country and to work for the benefit of mankind. With the dedication of generations of its staff and faculty, CUMT has forged the first-class higher education, developed a unique spiritual and cultural character, and fostered an excellent school ethos summarized in the motto “Diligence, Earnestness, Enterprise and Dedication”. Meanwhile she has developed a “campus spirit” of studiousness, adherence to facts and creativity, hard work and efforts to improve. During the past 100 years, CUMT has established her own school-running concept: Application and innovation should be the natural outlet of academic excellence.

As the only university bearing the name of “mining” with distinctive features in China, CUMT has developed a multi-disciplinary system, which covers science, engineering, art, management and the like. It focuses on mining engineering and gives priority to engineering disciplines. CUMT has also established excellent brand majors with distinctive features in many other fields, among which the exploitation, development and use of coal stands out. She also takes the leading position in such fields as mine construction, mining safety, machinery, information technology, ecological restoration as well as management engineering.